R + J

 we are sooooOoooooo in love! 

jordan and i met in 2008 through work all because he was whistling that same tune that Daryl Hannah's character whistled in Kill Bill and got it stuck in my head for days, it made for a very interesting conversation the next time we saw each other!! after a long three months of getting to know each other, i finally became his girfriend and fell head-over-heels in love.

we got engaged on 6 june 2009 when jordan planned a fun date in the city after a full day of house hunting that ended with him getting down on one knee as our carriage reached the top of the Wheel of Brisbane overlooking the city lit up against the dark night sky. as scared as i am of heights, it was the most amazing and wonderful moment of my life and i love remembering that night everytime I walk past the giant wheel.

(photo by Alana Aston Photography)

on 9 july 2011 we were finally married!! we had a beautiful, meaningful ceremony and an amazing time celebrating with our closest family and friends.

we're excited to be husband and wife and although we were living together for almost 2 years before the wedding, we've found things to be so different now, it's a brand new adventure!

i hope you'll stick around and say hi, lets become friends!


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