Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day Six

Day Six: From a low angle

On the way home from a fun date night we made a detour so I could capture this image of a beautiful church in the middle of the city. It's incredible to see it up on this little hill, surrounded by dozens of high-rise office buildings...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day Five

Day Five: From a high angle

This one was super fun, I spent most of the day taking shots of things that caught my eye. You might have noticed that I am a bit of a details girl rather than landscapes, and although this challenge is supposed to help us push beyond the normal, baby steps!!

Today over my afternoon cup of lemon and ginger tea, I got inspired to created a little something "from the heart" to surprise Jordan with for our THREE MONTH wedding anniversary! Jeez, where on earth have the last three months gone?? Long story short, I wanted to incorporate part of our wedding vows and create something we could display either in our bookshelf, on the gallery wall or pin on our boards. I'm not going to share the final product with you because I do still want to surprise husband (plus, I'm not willing to part with my rings!)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day Four

Day Four: Something Green

On the walk into work today I saw sooo many green things that caught my eye but unfortunately we had another rainy morning today  (I love my blog but not enough to be standing in the rain getting drenched before a full day at work, sorry guys!).

In this instance, the weather may have worked to my advantage because I got to capture something cute that has a bit of a story....
taken via hipstamatic app on iPhone
This little fella sits on my desk at work so I get to stare at his cutie little face all day! I've had him for about two years now after a fun date night with Jordan. We were playing at a game arcade after watching a date movie and I was trying my luck on a skill tester (husband had to tell me the 'technical' term, I call it the claw thingy!) and incredibly on my first go I won a little froggy!! So of course I had to try again to see if I could win a matching pair... and BAM! I won another!!

So now Jordan and I both keep one on our desks at work which is super adorable.

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day Three

We're doing good so far!!

Day Three: Clouds

We had a beautiful blue sky today and I'm feeling super loved up after a fun weekend with the husband, hence this fun photo!

It's Jordan's first day at his new job so he's was feeling pretty excited this morning (surprise! Husband decided to change job so now he's with a new organisation doing something different that will hopefully give him a bit more stability over the next 12 months and help him push himself to achieve good outcomes!). I've gotten a couple of messages from him today and everything seems to be going well so far, for a first day at least! We're going to do something later in the week to celebrate since we spent the weekend going a bit crazy (karaoke bar anyone?). I'm looking forward to a lovely dinner and perhaps a hilarious movie? Here's hoping!

Update: I'm glad I got the beautiful blue sky image earlier this morning before the weather soon turned for the worst and we've since had rain on and off since lunchtime... This was the delighful sky outside my office around 1pm as brought to you by my iPhone

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day Two

The Challenge continues!

Day Two: What you wore today
Sunday Funday we took a walk a few suburbs over and enjoyed the beautiful weather! Although it is a leisurely walk, it's a bit over 6kms and there was a lot of wind so I opted to dress casual and comfy. What's more comfy than a light, open cardigan over leggings and sandals? I can't think of anything... well, maybe pj's!! I am looking forward to Summer finally being here and wearing cute dresses without layers and layers of clothes!!

What is your go-to comfy weekend outfit?

October Photo Challenge

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend so far and are feeling super refreshed and energised for the week ahead!

A while ago I saw a post over at Our Wired Lives inviting bloggers to participate in the October Photo Challenge. The idea is to take a photo each day and hopefully improve our camera skills and make some new friends along the way! As you know, we got a new dSLR before the wedding and I haven't had much of a chance to play with all the features (my fav settings are auto and no flash, pretty basic I know!) so I'm really looking forward to this opportunity to get creative.


The Challenge started on October 1st so I am a little late getting this going but better late than never, right?

Day One: Self-Portrait

I know this isn't your typical self-portrait but I figured that there are plenty of those shots all over my blog so would try something a little more interesting. What do you think, does it work or take focus away from the idea of a self-portrait? I like it and think it's fun for a change!


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