Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For All My Life: accessorising the guestbook table

now you know what our mirror guest book looks like...

i couldn't wait to accessorise the table! what goes better with beautiful reflective glass than warm flickering candle light??!?? i have this adorable candelabra that goes perfectly with the feel of the gift table that we've put together already, i'll get some new yummy candles to replace the ones in it at the moment but otherwise it's fantastic as is!! the frames are going to be painted glossy white, and we'll put a blown up photo of our save the date pic in there, with some fun instructions in the second smaller frame asking guests to leave their well wishes for the newlyweds on the mirror.

it's fantastic that we've been able to re-purpose a few of our home decor items for the wedding. we end up accumulating so much stuff through events and parties that we organise so being able to re-use some of these decorating items is super wonderful, and i think it'll help the reception feel much more us and we know everything can all fit back into our home after the wedding!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

happy mamma's day!

i know it's really late to be talking about mothers day but i tried to post about it earlier and kept having technical difficulties.

my beautiful mamma's birthday falls around mothers day and this year it was the day before! i was so lucky that she was here in town so we invited for lunch, yum yum yum!!

jordan and i wanted to plan something delicious that wasn't too fussy and we'd have fun making  it so ITALIANO it was!!

first up we made some really tasty bruschetta  that jordan and mum chowed down on while i finished up our mains, spaghetti and meatballs!!

beautiful salad

our amazing homemade meatballs and tomato sauce

toasting with coke because we're classy like that!

my beautiful mamma
i haven't been cooking all that often lately and it was so much fun to be making something that didn't involve chicken or our grill and steamer!!

a while ago i downloaded the nigella iphone app and immediately marked the cheesecake in a glass receipe to my favourites. i hadn't had a chance to make it yet but this seemed like the perfect opportunity...

mum couldn't wait!!

we had such a fun, relaxed afternoon  with some really delicious home made food.

wish we got to spend every sunday like this!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

For All My Life: our guestbook

so which option did you guess? if you picked this one, you'd be 100% correct...


we loved the idea of being able to hang a big beautiful mirror covered in well wishes next to a blown up photo from our wedding. this is something we invision will look great on our wall today and in ten years time!!

i was out shopping and found this fantastic mirror on sale for 25% off and it was perfect for what we were looking for! it's large enough for 50ish messages (we've got 70 guests coming and reality is that we're thinking about half of those will actually leave us a message!), it fits well with the dark furniture that we have in our house and while it's mordern looking,it's not too trendy that it'll look dated.

check it out, what do you think?

our only concern is that if this is our guest book that we want to keep forever, what if the mirror breaks or gets damaged at some point when moving house etc? we will get some great photos of this to include with our wedding pictures but we're also thinking of some other options that would be guaranteed to last forever, perhaps a Quaker  style wedding certificate. would this be too many things for our guests to write on though? would signing their names on our certificate and leaving a message on the mirror be too much?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For All My Life: guestbook options

jordan and i wanted to have a fun guestbook that was interactive for the guests on our wedding day and that we'd be able to display in our home.  when first thinking about options, i really liked the idea of having three jars where guests could write their advice or predictions for our first, third and tenth years of marriage and put them into beautiful jars.


a great new trend is the fingerprint tree, this would make such a fantastic keepsake!

this mirror would be fantastic to hang in your home where every time you walk past, you can see lovely messages of love and support from your closest family and friends.


what option do you think we chose?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wish List

This wedding video makes me wish we had room in our budget for a videographer... i cry every time i see their reactions to seeing each other for the first time during their first look and hope our photographer can catch those moments for us.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

15mins a day

jordan and i both had very bad habits when it came to household chores and even distribution of workload. the normal scenario would be to do the small tasks each night and then on either friday night or saturday morning we'd tackle the bigger jobs so jordan would clean the kitchen area and look after the kitty stuff like their litter tray etc and i'd take care of the bathroom, the lounge room, our bedroom, all of the clothes washing and any other odds and ends.

it used to frustrate me that i was the one pulling most of the weight with housework while i was also working longer hours and had more responsibility at work. some days were especially bad when i'd be getting home after 7.30pm to jordan sitting on the couch where he'd been watching tv since he got home at 3.30pm, and to ask me what was for dinner as soon as i'd walk through the door... i probably don't need to tell you that there were a few instances of that not ending well... we talked about it often but nothing ever changed and then about a year ago jordan changed jobs and so our work lives were much more evenly matched and  i stopped feeling so resentful towards my share of the housework because he was increasing his workload elsewhere.

back before christmas i was having a now occasional moment of venting to myself about how it wasn't fair that i was the one zipping around doing all of the work and jordan would just slowly do his few jobs in his own time when it struck me that jordan probably hated the jobs he had to do just as much as i did mine. so i started making a more conscious effort to do the dishes by my self every so often and to clean out the kitty tray and their food and water bowls as soon as i got home from work.

although jordan hasn't taken a leaf out of my book and reciprocated, i feel better about myself that i'm taking that dreaded feeling away from him and helping with his workload.

a few months ago i was looking at a post on one of my daily blog reads (i don't remember which and if it was yours, please let me know and i'll gladly give you credit!) and they were talking about how the housework is divided up in their household. the idea was so simple and so genius that we had to implement it in our house immediately! while this isn't necessarily the way it works each and every day, it's dramatically improved the way we work together at home.

15mins a day.

we get home from work and the first thing we do is our 15mins a day of household chores. our bags are left at the door, we're still in our work clothes and there's no tv or music on. jordan starts with the dishes and i look after kitty bowls and vacuum. from there we each pick something different every day, some days it'll be cleaning the bathroom, dusting bookshelves, weeding the courtyard, wiping over the outdoor furniture, anything we can think of that hasn't been done for a few days. it means that the start of our weekend isn't an hour or two of cleaning and the uncommon jobs like dusting and wiping down cupboards etc get done so much more frequently. we use the quiet time to talk about our day and plans for that night without getting distracted by what's on tv or emails coming through etc.

this idea has worked so well in our house and we both love it because i feel that the pressure is off me and jordan has a bit more direction in ways that he can help. before we started this, we were at the point of looking at quotes for housekeepers to come in a few times a week because our old system wasn't working but now it feels so manageable! Although i would still love to have a housekeeper just so i don't have to do the yuck stuff like cleaning the bathroom or behind the fridge... hahaha!

who looks after the housework at your place? do you share the load?

Friday, May 6, 2011

friday's photo

(personal photo)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

For All My Life: our perfect card box solution

mum and i stopped in at dusk while running errands last week, there's nothing i like better than some delicious smelling candles in my home! while we were there, we saw this fantastic little wooden birdcage on one of the displays and started talking about it as an option for our card box at the wedding. after very minimal umming and ahhhing, i decided to pull the trigger and buy it, if jordan didn't like it we'd still have time to go along the diy route and order some round boxes.

once we got home, mum and i couldn't wait to mock it up and accessorise the card box for the gift table. want a peek??

we'll be using one of the bridesmaid's bouquets in the vase and i may tie a pink ribbon bow on to the bird cage loop. what do you think? i'm so excited to see it all coming together!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

date night

as you know, jordan and i have date night every tuesday as time to reconnect. lately we've been consumed by the wedding and so date nights have been at home and involving some form of wedding related discussion. this tuesday started out no different with plans to go home after work and to look at options for things like the music, vendors for dance lessons and do more research into our honeymoon accommodation.

well we met up after work and i think neither of us were in any great rush to head home so we decided to grab some food.... at VAPIANO!

since it had been absolutely pouring with rain all day, it wasn't a night for the usual salads so i ordered delicious ravioli and jordan ordered a pizza which immediately made me regret my decision so jordan was an absolute gentleman and we shared of course!!

yum, yum, yum!!

how good does that pizza look.. i promise you it was just as amazing as you'd be imagining!!

we'd both been wanting to see the movie arthur since it came out but hadn't had an opportunity so we jumped at the chance to take full advantage of our date night and go watch it after dinner.

i thought it was hil-arious and would definitely encourage anyone who was having second thoughts about whether they wanted to see it or not.. it's worth it. promise!

since we went to the cinema in the city, we simply HAD to stop by the arcade near the elevators on the way out because jordan caught sight of a skill tester machine with the cutest little stuffed kitty toy that he was determined to win for me...

 i got distracted looking at these cute angry birds toys in the machine next to us! (and the cutie pink bunny things of course!)

unfortunately jordan wasn't having much luck with the skill tester so he wanted me to have a go (i tend to have beginners luck with a lot of things, skill tester machines, poker... jordan thinks i'm lucky for some reason but i know that in this instance it's just pure chance!)

a little over $20 later we walked away (minus the adorable kitty) and headed home.

and here's a pic of some luscious flowers that i snapped on our way through the mall... wish these were in my garden at home!

have you taken time out lately to do something relaxing? what's your favourite way to spend an evening with your other half, or even with good friends?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For All My Life: card box inspiration

i love the look of a tall, round card box for on our gift table at the wedding.


we decided on a three tier round box tower that we'd put together and decorate with touches of green and pink through ribbon trims and a flower/monogram detail. unfortunately we turned shops upside down searching for round boxes bigger than 10cms in diameter and came up with nothing!! we weighted up our options and were going to order online but this would increase the costs for shipping charges and we'd have to wait roughly 3 weeks. this was something were were happy to do for the result we wanted until i went running errands with my mum last week...

has there been something that you were going to put the extra effort into for an event only to be struck with a perfect solution unexpectedly?

Monday, May 2, 2011

For All My Life

You may notice some changes to my posting titles... I've been wanting to categorise my wedding related posts a little better so from here on out all inspiration and posts about our upcoming wedding will start with "For All My Life", this was a quote that jordan and i came across early in our relationship... I give you my love for all of my life. awww... it's still one of my favourites!

with only 67 days until the wedding and a stack load of long weekends, we've been knocking out wedding tasks left, right and centre so i can't wait to start sharing some more details!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

random hair inspiration

a couple of days ago i came across the beauty department, a website launched by lauren conrad and hair and makeup artists amy and kristin.

there are heaps of hints and tricks, as well as some cute tutorials. i can't wait to try this one out on my hair, how adorable!


are there any hair and beauty gurus that you follow online?


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