Saturday, April 30, 2011

getting my bling on!

i know that i haven't posted anything about my wedding dress yet and i need to let you know that there won't be any dress posts because i know that jordan reads my blog every so often and even if he says he wouldn't read the dress posts, i know i wouldn't be able to resist if it were me!!

so this is the one and only photo of my dress that you'll see and to be honest, it doesn't look like much but  i promise my dress looks amazing so please don't judge!!

now that you've seen that little sneak peak, lets get back on topic, bridal accessories!!

i love the look of beautiful layered necklaces like this

but i don't want to take away from the gorgeous beading on my dress so i might leave these options for the bridesmaids!

i wanted to try to match the types/look of the crystal beading on my dress and ended up finding these cute earrings and bracelet

i'm looking forward to trying these on with my dress to see how it looks together!! I've decided on having my hair up in a loose up-do with lots of volume and i'm not used to wearing dangley earrings so these are perfect!!

what do you think, will these earrings and bracelet work well with my wedding day look? don't forget that my wedding band is very fine and delecate so i don't want to be too overwhelmed with bling!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

friday's photo

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surprises in the mail

look what was waiting for me in my mailbox last night, a package from the amazingly talented Sarah Tucker from fairy tales are true!! i was so excited to open it, look at the beautiful packaging...

two gorgeous photographs from her etsy shop

these sea oats photos are printed on high quality paper with a metallic finish.

my awful iPhone photos don't do them justice, they are incredible and I can't wait to put them in frames and display them in our home!! they're just so serene and calming, perfect for the spare bedroom i think!

if you haven't seen Sarah's blog or her etsy shop, you absolutely must check it out! i'm completely jealous of her amazing adventures, fantastic photography skills and her gorgeous outfit posts.

which blogs are you inspired by?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

invitation reveal

our wedding invitations were an absolute labour of love. we started working on these well over a year ago, even before we started on our save the dates!!

we loved the idea of a booklet-style invitation with multiple pages all secured together. we didn't want something too formal as it will be a relatively relaxed event and we wanted to give that impression through the invitations as this is the first taste of our wedding that the guests will get.(you'll on the rsvp card our "love is sweet" motto which is used throughout the wedding... perhaps a hint of things to come!!)

there were so many parts to the invitation!! our front page was "love" with details of the ceremony, then "eat" with details of the ceremony, "celebrate" for the post-wedding brunch to celebrate our first day together as husband and wife, and lastly "relax" which was details of the accommodation block at the hotel. we decided to have separate inclusions for the RSVP card and the gift suggestion and registry cards... yes i know it can be considered crass to mention the gift registry within the invitation suite but this is much more accepted in Australia and particularly with our guests. we did create a "gift suggestion" card which accompanied the Myer gift registry card saying that our guests presence was the greatest gift however, if they would like suggestions, we had a registry and would also be having a card box on the night for those who would like to contribute toward our honeymoon.

we decided on our fonts for the entire wedding before finalising the invitation design because it is important to us to have visual continuity across the whole event. we also used our wedding colours (green, charcoal grey and the varying greens and pinks on the belly-band paper), the butterfly motif and the same paper products that we'll be using for everything from here on out.

i loved our envelope liners, i feel they made such a difference! we picked an understated paper and my mum hand cut and glued each one in. i felt the liners for our save the dates were a little thick (it was srapbooking cardstock) so this time we went with a thinner option which was so much easier to work with!!

it was sad to see all of our invites go but i did make sure to keep my favourite so we can get it framed with some other wedding keepsakes after the wedding!! and i might have put some photos of them up on our wedding inspiration boards so i can glance at them every so often to remember what they look like, hahaha!

have you put your heart into a project looking forward to getting it done, only to miss it when it was finished?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

why i hate leaving work late

this is the reason i hate being on the late shift at work...

(personal photo)
as it gets closer to winter, it gets darker an colder and every so often you see the wildlife that frequents the garbage bins... scary, scary possums!!!! they may seem kinda cute but i can't help but imagine them running over to my and climbing up my leg with their sharp little claws...
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Friday, April 22, 2011

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

because that's how we roll: awkward and awesome thursday

- getting weird stares at the gym because i was wearing the same outfit from the day before... seriously people, i own a dryer.. trust that i wasn't wearing the same stinky gym gear from the day before!!
- having caller id on my work phone and seeing that the person who was calling's last name is sultana (nothing against people with this surname, it was just one of those absurdly funny things late in the afternoon!!)... i BURST out laughing and had to wait until i could stop before i picked up the call... tears in my eyes!!

- saturday date night at home with j. he had to help his mum move house so got home late, we grabbed some dinner, turned off all the lights in the house and snuggled in for a dvd.. it's been so long since we've just had some quiet time together not going a million miles an hour
- having my mum here!! i love seeing her every weekend and being able to spend time with her. will miss her terribly when she leaves again...

happy thursday darlings!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a sad farewell

(personal photo)
our invites were sent last week!! there's still a few people we're waiting for to receive them so i don't want to post photos just yet... but a post is coming.

it was a strange feeling putting the envelopes in the post box... our invites have been something we've been working on for over a year now between starting the design and actually getting them put together and in envelopes. we wanted something that was a little bit different/modern, but at the same time we wanted them to be wedding invites and not something i'd normally do for a party. after reading a few blogs, i knew that i needed to design the invite from the outside in and make sure that whatever we did would fit inside a standard envelope. there was a lot of though that went into each element of our invites and i can't wait to show you!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

take five

as part of a healthy work/life balance... i've committed to taking a 30 minute lunch break from work every day. in my job it's extremely difficult to take that 30 minutes away from my desk but there have been certain tensions and stresses and so it's become a necessity. I walk outside of my office and go sit in the beautiful sun...

(personal photo)
i take my bottle of water and delicious salad...

(personal photo)
and catch up on my elife! i go through my personal email, check facebook, see what's happening on twitter and read my favourite blogs through google reader.

i so look forward to those 30 minutes of me time every day. it's my quiet time to enjoy life and soak up some rays!!

do you have any daily routines that you enjoy?

Monday, April 18, 2011

12 week fitness challenge

changing our lifestyle habits was a major priority for jordan and i a year ago. we made some huge changes to our diet and exercise routines so that we can be the best we can be! since the beginning of the year we have slipped off the rails a little so now it's time to get back into it and go hardcore! we want to be the best we can when we get married in july, we want to start our marriage off in the best way possible so that we have a happy, healthy life ahead.

jordan found us a fantastic fitness plan to follow and being 12 weeks, it's perfect timing to take us right up to the wedding! jordan is very focused on gaining muscle and over the past year, i've come to understand how important building muscle is for overall fat-loss so the Lee Labrada 12 week lean body challenge seems a wonderful fit. i've also just started reading katy's blog over on think {pretty} thoughts and was completely inspired by her vlogs on HIIT (high intensity interval training) training and decided to incorporate that into my cardio sessions each day.

as hard as it can be, jordan and i love pushing ourselves and having an awesome workout, it gives us so much energy to have a fantastic day! i'm so lucky that jordan is a fan of working out because it means that he knows what all of the exercises are what what variations are good for me (i prefer using the weight machines rather than free weights, i feel like i can use all of the help i can get when it comes to getting my form right!!)

this is the schedule that we have for this week:
Sunday - Back, Biceps (PULL)
Bent over dumbbell row, underhand pull-up, standing barbell curl, alternate dumbbell curl, 20min HIIT Training  (this first session was AWESOME! I had so much energy for the rest of the day and i could feel it in my biceps all day monday!)
Monday - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps (PUSH)
Bench press, incline flyes, seated dumbbell press, dumbbell side laterals, triceps extensions, bench dips, 20min HIIT Training
Tuesday - Legs and Abs (KICK and CRUNCH)
Dumbbell lunges, leg curls, straight leg barbell deadlifts, seated calf raise, crunches, lying leg raises, 20min HIIT Training
Wednesday - Cardio
20min HITT Training and spin class
Thursday - Back and Biceps (PULL)
Underhand pull-up, bent over dumbbell row, hyperextension, concentration curls, preacher curls, 20min HIIT Training
Friday - Cardio
20min HIIT Training and spin class
Saturday - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
Incline barbell bench press, pec dec, dumbbell side laterals, tricep pushdown, lying barbell tricep extension, 20min HIIT Training

and we all know that with any exercise plan, you need to make sure to eat healthy and give your body the fuel it needs!! i find this to be the hardest thing for me as i have a million and one foods that i either don't like or can't eat! i'm gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, have nut allergies, refuse to eat fish and don't like eating much meat OR tofu... jordan sat down with me and we worked out a healthy eating plan that cuts out a lot of processed food, gives me what i need to have the energy to have a WOW day, and will hopefully keep me happy!

Healthy Eating Plan
ideal daily intakes:
Calories 1200
broken down into 40/40/20 (protein/carbs/fat)
120g protein
120g carbs
20g fat

Uncle Toby's quick oats
150 cal; F 2.3g C 27g P 4.3g
+ 1/2 cup skim milk
43 cal; F 0g C 6g P 4.5g

68 cal; F 0g C 15g P 0.4g
1 cup chopped carrots
67 cal; F 0.2g C 10.5g P 1.7g
1 cup chopped cucumber
29 cal; F 0.2g C 2.9g P1.9
20 raw almonds
144 cal; F 13g C 1.2g P 4.7g
42 cal; F 0.2g C 8.2g P1g

2 rashers bacon
113 cal; F 3.6g C 2g P 18g
1 hard boiled egg
57 cal; F 4g C 0.1g P 5.7g
2 cups salad (1 cup lettuce mix, 5 cherry toms cut in half, 1/2 chopped carrot)
88 cal; F 0.6g C 167g P 3.6g

1/2 grilled chicken breast
165 cal; F 3.6g C 0g P 31g
1-2 cups steamed Broccoli, Carrots and Green Beans
28 cal; F 0.2g C 2.6g P 2.6g

185 cal; F 1.3g C 33g P 7g
raspberry jam
40 cal; C 10g

Calories: 1219
Fat: 29.2g
Carbs: 135.5g
Protein: 86g

i'm really looking forward to getting into this program and feeling the changes with my energy levels and just overall well being!! in 12 weeks i will have a lean, fit and fantastic body! i will eat clean and lean foods, i will build up muscle and get more toned, i will be more prepared for bridge 2 brisbane in september!!

#CleanandLean  #12weekleanbodychallenge

Friday, April 15, 2011

yes please!

(personal photo)
umm... delicious and adorable? you can bettcha that cutie little lion will be making it into my shopping trolley next week!

(personal photo)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

because that's how we roll: awkward and awesome thursday

if you haven't already seen the AMAZING sydney over at the daybook, go and check her out! she blogs every thursday a list of awkward and awesome things from her week so here goes...

- discovering that there are some very, very interesting bridesmaids dresses out there in the internet world... some should have never seen the light of day!
- watching a tv show where they were talking about penguins and i asked j if penguins were mammals just as someone on the show was telling people that penguins are birds... my response? but penguins can't fly... duh!
- coming back into the office after my lunch break with bright red sunburnt legs, looking like I'd been laying out at the beach all day... getting excited that i might actually get a little bit of colour to stop looking so pasty, then within an hour i was back to normal... boo!!

(personal photo)

- j took me out for a late night walking date around the neighbourhood so we could catchup on what's been happening and talk about some wedding decisions, it was wonderful!
- my girls have been getting serious about bridesmaid dresses and we think they've found the one... fingers crossed
- we sent out our invites this week and already got our first rsvp back, woohooo
- the weather has been on my team all week long! i've managed to sit outside in the beautiful sun everyday this week to eat my delicious lunch (post to come)

(personal photo)

Weekend Treasures

on the weekend we had a plan... it involved getting up early on Saturday, picking up my mum, hitting up some garage sales and traipsing all over brisbane.

i'm glad to report that our mission was successful! we found this fantastic gem for the right price at a recycled building supply store... what is it you ask? here, i'll show you

(personal photo)
and here's a close up of it in it's current home in our spare room

(personal photo)
can you guess what we're going to do with this baby? i'll give you a hint... it's wedding related!

stay tuned to see how it plays out.

Friday, April 1, 2011


have seen this floating around the blogging world and thought it might be a fun way to spend a few minutes on my Friday afternoon.  hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

A. Age: 25
B. Bed size: Queen (but I always use king size blankets)
C. Chore you hate: Washing dishes… I don’t know why but I hate it.. I’m happy to dry but leave the washing to the J-man
D.Dogs: I would love an adorable beagle but we live in a townhouse with two cats so no puppy until we’re in a full size house with a yard… or at least until I can talk Jordan around!!

File:Beagle portrait Camry.jpg
E. Essential start to your day: Cuddles with Jordan and the cats
F. Favorite color: PINK! I love, love, love pink…
G. Gold or silver: Silver (or white gold!)
H. Height: 179cm
I. Instruments you play: None, I’m not very musical… in primary school I was in the recorder band, does that count?
J. Job title: Personal Assistant.
K. Kids: None. 
L. Live: Sunny Queensland, Australia (although it is raining at the moment!)
M. Mom’s name: Mum
N. Nicknames: Rosie, Rosa. Jordan has a million and one pet names for me, including rabbit and bunny.. must be because I’m so cute, hahaha!
O. Overnight hospital stays: Plenty, I don’t actually know the number.
P. Pet peeve: Oh, what do I pick! Hmm… I would have to say people who break the rules and them complain when they get busted and have to deal with the consequences. i.e. car getting towed because you parked in a buses only zone, don’t bother calling the poor tow-truck driver names, you did the wrong thing and he’s just doing his job!
Q. Quote from a movie: I’m not a movie quotes person… Jordan is amazing at it but I remember nothing!
R. Right or left handed: Right handed.
S. Siblings: One younger brother.
T. Time you wake up: Varies greatly depending what shift I’m on at work but it’s safe to say that I’m not a morning person and I sleep in as long as possible!
U. Underwear: Should be worn by everyone…..
V. Vegetables you dislike: LOADS! Mushrooms, zucchini, capsicum…
W.What makes you run late: I don’t think I could pinpoint it to one thing. I think it’s a combination of reading emails, checking facebook/twitter/blogs, patting the cats and making sure they’re happy… changing my outfit just before I walk out the door because I don’t feel like wearing that anymore, hahaha!
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Plenty…
Y. Yummy food you make: Hmm.. the most delicious brownies, EVER!
Z. Zoo- favorite animal: Australian zoos are a bit different with the animals we have so I’d have to say kangaroos because they’re so friendly and I love feeling their soft little whiskers/hairs tickle the palm of my hand when you’re allowed to feed them!

Macropus rufogriseus


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