Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's here, it's here (and I actually have it this time!!)

finally got to the jeweler on Thursday and picked up my wedding band!!

(personal photo)
it's a 2mm micro pave diamond band, my perfect dainty band of sparkle!

(personal photo)
i have to admit, it was very hard finding such a fine band with this amazing setting which i absolutely had my heart set on. for me personally, my wedding band had to be something i loved since it's going to be on my finger every day for the rest of my life. this ring makes my heart happy every time i look at it and i can't wait to be able to wear it forever!!

(personal photo)
We had jordan's band custom made earlier in the year so now we're all set for our wedding rings, woohooo!

101 days to go...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a sweet treat

(personal photo)
double choc ice cream with gummy bears, nerds and mini m&ms... the most delicious combo EVER! you had the zing of nerds with the sweetness of choc m&ms and then the hard, frozen gummy bears, yum yum yum. i always find it hard thinking up ice cream combinations and jordan looked at me like I was crazy with this one, but even he agreed that it was a-maz-ing.

what combinations are your favourites? any suggestions on what i should try next? while i was in line i overheard someone ordering double choc with raspberries and passion fruit, yum!

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's here, it's here!!

I got a text from the jeweler last night letting me know that me wedding band has come in and would be available to pick up after 4pm today. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

So I was in a project management course today that was due to finish at 4.30pm.. as we all know, training courses tend finish waaaayyyy early so I figured that I'd be out by 4pm which would give me plenty of time to get out to the jeweler by 5pm. well the session didn't finish until 4.40pm so I called the jeweler just to double check what time they were open until, fingers crossed that it would be a little later and it was! OPEN UNTIL 5.30, hooray! I still wasn't sure that I'd make it out there before they shut but decided to give it a red hot go. Jumped on a bus at 4.56pm which happened to be the same bus jordan was on, surprise... and we were on our way. the traffic was going incredibly slowly, slower than the normal friday afternoon mess, which we later found out was due to an accident. We finally got to the shopping centre with 4mins to spare so we high tailed it as fast as we could and got there to see.... locked doors :( it was 5.30pm on the dot and they were all closed up for the night.

I was totally disappointed because of course I want to get that baby on my finger as soon as possible (even if only for a minute), but I'll just go and pick it up on Sunday so only a couple of extra days until it's all mine!!

p.s hi Garry, please don't be trollin' my blog, hahahaha!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

gift registry: part 1

(personal photo)
we got through stage one of scanning gift suggestions for our registry yesterday.

(photo from jordan's phone)
this was the one and only time i got to touch the scanner, the rest of the time jordan was in charge!! next time... it'll be all mine!!

(personal photo)
(personal photo - supertex monet bathmat)
bath mats... check!

(personal photo - vue plantation wood bath mat walnut)
(personal photo - sheridan ultra light lux towels in navy and jade)

towels... check!

(personal photo - linen house 'sabine' quilt cover and pillows)
bedding.... check, check, check!

(personal photo - kylie at home brava quilt cover in oyster)
(personal photo - kylie at home brava cushion in oyster)
(personal photo - brita marelle purple water filter jug)
water filters..... check!

(personal photo - brita water filter/chiller)

(personal photo - antler medium roller case)
luggage... check!

(personal photo - s&p crystal candle holder)
adorable candle holders.... check!

we're most of the way through our list but probably have the most difficult items to go... kitchenware!!! I can't wait to pick out items so that in 4 months time we'll be able to put together beautiful tabelscapes like the ones in store.i think jordan will need to keep a tight hold on that scanner to stop me going wild!!

(personal photo)
(personal photo)

(personal photo)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

you light up my life!!

on the way home from registering tonight, we came across some people throwing these random light things up in the air. of course we had to investigate!! turns out they're called amazing arrow helicopters, jordan bought us one each and we hung out playing with them...

and this was the first go, you can hear jordan telling me how it works, he's super fantastic like that!

and yes, jordan calls me rabbit!!

our wish list...

for tonight's date night i've scheduled us an appointment to go and do our gift registry at myer. we spent some time last night going through their online catalogue to get some ideas of items to look at and ended up with some great suggestions!!

jordan is lusting after one of the Shiatsu Massage Chairs, everytime we go in store he heads straight to them and just about goes to heaven... tonight we'll see if it makes the list! if it was left to jordan he'd register for a million and one big boy's toys and baby items... NO, I'M NOT PREGNANT!! jordan just LOVES everything to do with babies :)

personally, i'm looking forward to drooling over the beautiful glassware and formal dinnerware but need to keep in mind that it needs to be practical and that we only have limited storage space... gosh darn having to be practical!!



the worst part is that myer has a sale on homewares... it's going to be so hard not to buy things tonight!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

can't stop thinking about.....

i was shopping over the weekend and happened to come across the most to die for earrings...

arent they completely gorgeous?? i would immediately pair them with a simple black dress, black heels and clutch, and my hair down in loose curls. absolute perfection and just the thing for a celebratory date night with the jordstar.they're from the alex perry for diva range that is in stores at the moment and at less than $20, i'm marching right back into diva tomorrow to buy myself a pair!!

do you own a fantastic pair of earrings that you love to wear? what outfit would you pair these beauties with?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

we got mail...

Jordan headed home early today because we had the electrician coming to fix the broken dryer (whoooo!!), and on the way picked up a parcel that was waiting for us at the post office....

it's the machine that is going to save a lot of time, tears and broken hearts when crafting projects won't quite turn out as i thought...

it's the machine that we'll be using to make our placecards, covers for the programs and even part of our bridal party gifts for the wedding...

it's the machine that helps the less-crafty people create things like this wall decal...

and this...


and this...


and this...


and this...

have you guessed yet???



Jordan has karate training tonight so i'm heading straight home after work to play with the latest addition... stay tuned for what we plan to do with this bad boy!!

ooohh la la... chocolate heaven!

before Christmas, Jordan and I had a fantastic dessert date at freestyle tout, emporium.

with SOOOOO many options, we decided to share the warm flourless chocolate cake

(personal photo)
warm flourless chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, mixed berries, raspberry sorbet & chocolate sail... it was absolutely. to. die. for.

(personal photo)
ladybird bubbles, spiked with chambord liqueur, lemoncello, raspberries & strawberries with a dash of lemonade.totally delicious!!

(personal photo)
i can't wait to go back!

do you love finding fun new places to eat?


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