Monday, February 28, 2011

Wedding Planning Extravaganza!!

this past saturday we got the members of our bridal party together for a wedding planning extravaganza!!

(personal photo of invite sent out to the girls)
With less than five months until the big day…
You’re invited to
 J&R Wedding
Planning Extravaganza
 Saturday, 26 February 2011
 Wedding Headquarters
10.00am – everyone to have arrived
·         Go over current plans
·         Check-out venue (CBD)
·         Lunch at Vapiano (CBD)
·         Visit the wedding dress (Chermside)
·         Look at BM dresses (Chermside)
·         Wedding talk
·         Dinner/drinks - optional

So that we can get the most out of the planning session, I’d love it if you could…
·         Bring along some inspiration of hairstyles you like (realistic for hair length in July)
·         Examples of dresses you like i.e. strapless, one shoulder, floaty, structured
·         Idea of approx budget
·         A couple of song suggestions for the reception, music you’d like played or think will be crowd favourites!
we ended up having a fantastic day and got soooOooooo much done!! everyone arrived on time and we went through everything that's been organised so far, took everyone through our big inspiration boards, the mock-ups of our invites, programs, menues, place cards, centrepieces and more.
before lunch, we headed to the ceremony and reception venue and did a walk through of the set-up. I haven't taken any of my own photos so this is a few from their website...
 more details on our venue to come!!

after checking out the venue, we split up and the guys went to have some boy time and to look at suits, and us girls we off to look at dresses. first stop was the bridal store where my dress is being held (more on my dress to come) where the girls got to see my dress for the first time and we talked about hairstyles and how I should accessorise. while i was in the dressing room, the girls managed to talk about and decided on the colour and style of bridesmaid dresses they were going to look for, shoes, jewellery and even what they were going to put in their hair! those girls are absolute champions!!

it was so great getting everyone together especially since none of them have previously met, and it was a massive relief that they all got on so well.. but of course we knew they would or we wouldn't have asked them to stand up by our sides on the big day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

We're Getting Married: Please Save-the-Date!

when jordan and i started planning the wedding, we knew we wanted to send out save-the-date cards to make sure our guests had plenty of warning. we got engaged in june 2009 and started planning a september 2010 wedding. (obviously this didn't happen or we would already be married!) being a bit excited about the wedding planning, we were inspired to put together a postcard/magnet combo so ordered some cute supplies from vistaprint. unfortunately we had to delay the wedding due to some health issues in our family and then general life being busy! at this point we'd lost a bit of motivation and needed a kick-start to get back into it.

one day when we were both at work, jordan got an email about some sale airfares and so we took advantage and made a booking for july 2011. that night the wheels got turning and we thought this was the perfect opportunity to use the trip as our honeymoon and plan the wedding around our holiday!! this was the kick-start we needed to get back into the planning so that weekend we started again. we looked at new venues, picked out our wedding colours and then the themes, and designed our beautiful save-the-dates.

a reminder of our colours...

(personal photo)

 and this is what we came up with!

(personal photo)

we used our favourite photo that we took at a friend's wedding, mounted it on black card and then attached it using photo corners so people (mainly relatives) could detach and display the photo elsewhere. it was our intention to gently introduce our wedding colours so we used the pink heart for a pop of colour, the green envelope liner to add some pizzazz and i individually attached a little crystal gemstone under the flourish for some sparkle! i hand cut each of the liners using some scrapbooking paper with five different designs. we also printed wrap-around labels using pink and grey accents but i forgot to get a photo of those!!

(personal photo)
 it was hard work but we've had a lot of compliments which makes it worth it and now i'm looking forward to working on putting together the invitations!

are you a perfectionist when it comes to crafting or diy projects? do you think it's worth all the extra effort to make sure you give everything your personal touch?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm a Bit of a Softy!

the weekend  before valentine's day jordan decided it would be fun to go and get massages for our v-day treats to one another. we headed to our nearby chi-link natural therapy health centre and booked in for some treatments!

i felt like doing something a little different from the norm and haven't been feeling particularly energised lately so was excited to try the AOK Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath, reflexology massage and back, shoulder and neck massage. 1 1/2 hours later i walked out feeling completely revived... a little sore but completely revived and re-energised!

personally, i like gentle, relaxing massages rather than the deep massages. being a bit of a sook, it almost brought me to tears a few times when the guy was deep massaging around my shoulders and i even got some bruising because i'm a bit 'delicate', told you i was soft!!

do you like deep massages or are you a bit 'soft' like me?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kitty Fun House!!

both of our cats are indoor/outdoor cats. it used to be that i'd let them outside in the mornings when we left for work and they'd come back inside and stay in when we got home. back in january my poor baby toby needed to be taken to the vet and we made the decision to keep that cats inside except on weekends when we're home where we'd let them out for a few hours. toby and charlie are very active cats and they love to play and scratch on the door mats, and on the small scratching post that jordan made for them. with them spending so much time indoors, we needed to find something else to keep them occupied so enter the kitty fun house!!

  we ordered this cat tree online and so it arrived in individual pieces. it took us about half an hour to put this monster together (while watching jersey shore... isn't that show the greatest??!?)

there's all sorts of hidy-holes and places for them to sit and scratch, you can't tell from the photos but it's almost as tall as me!!

at first they weren't too sure about it but now they LOVE it! toby sleeps curled up in the top left hamock-type thing and charlie likes to sleep on the top landing. there's a mouse on elastic and also a dangling piece of rope so plenty to keep them entertained. normally they jump straight up to the top level or whereever they want to sit but i did catch toby actually walking/running up the stairs last night!!

i'm so glad we bought it for them, even if it takes up a lot of much sought after floor space!!! do you love to spoil your pets?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day Love

i know this is well late but thought i would share how we celebrated love day!

at the end of january i crafted a super cute valentine's day count-down calendar that i saw here with the original posted here.  (by the way, you should totally checkout The Yellow House:: A Project 365 by Cierra, it's a wonderful blog and her photos never fail to make me smile!)

(personal photo)
the idea is to have a card for each day up until valentine's day that has a task or gesture that we both have to do throughout the day.

(personal photo)
we spent the two weeks before valentine's day doing lovely things for each other which so nice because it was like valentine's fortnight! there were surprise flowers sent to each other at work, small gifts to make us smile, massages, cheesy cards, love notes and more... 

(personal photo)
i decided that i wanted to do something special for jordan so baked him some red velvet cupcakes to take to work.he LOVED them!!

(personal photos)

(personal photo)
on valentine's day we agreed to have a quiet one so after work jordan went to his karate session and i made dinner. i bought some beautiful pink roses, new delicious scented candles and jordan's favourite treat (chocolate orange).
(personal photo)
jordan came home just as i was plating the food so it was perfectly timed! we had a really wonderful night enjoying our candle-lit dinner and reconnecting. it makes me so happy to shower him in love!
(personal photo)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How we decided on our wedding colours

jordan and i were having some troubles deciding on the colours we would use for our wedding so we headed to bunnings of course!! we went to the paint section and split up to pick out the colours that we liked most. there were a few double-ups and questionable selections so once we sorted through them this is the pile we ended up with (don't worry, i've kept all of the paintchips and turned them into a colour selection tool that has been and will be used hopefully for years to come!).

(personal photo)
even though we had essentially shortlisted the paintchips down to only the colours we both liked, we still had long way to go! so where would be a good place to make these important decisions?? how about over dinner at the local beach house bar and grill (very classy, right?!?). it only took about 15mins and we came to the perfect selection...

(personal photo)
that's right, our wedding colours are pink, green and grey!!!!! now this combination was something I've looked at since we first got engaged but never mentioned it to jordan thinking that he wouldn't be a fan of the pink and that it might be too girly for him... but guess what? he LOVED it! and if it could get any better, jordan's favourite colour is green and mine is pink so it couldn't be more us if we tried!!

since you've been so patient, here's an inspiration board with our wedding colours in action.


to some people it might seem strange that it took a trip to a hardware store and a pub to decide on our wedding colours but i think jordan and i work best when we have the options in front of us and can physically move them around to get out what we're thinking, and i know jordan definately works best when he's in a comfortable, relaxed environment and has just eaten!! have you made any big decisions in unexpected places?


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