Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Weekend!!

happy weekend lovelies!!

jordan and i don't have much planned over the next few days so we're definately looking forward to some quiet time to catch up and recharge. one thing i am excited about doing is going to a body balance class together on sunday which is a combination of yoga, tai chi and pilates. hopefully it'll become a regular on our sunday schedule!!

speaking of health and fitness, there is one amazing lady who i always look to for an extra dose of motivation....


my personal trainer sent me a link to elle's blog and i've been addicted ever since! she's currently living in brisbane but will soon be on her way to the US to follow her dream of becoming the next australian victoria's secret angel (we all know that she's going to make it!!). elle regularly updates the blog with her health and fitness advice, details of her modeling escapades (often posting photos of the latest shoots and campaigns on the blog) and always ends with a positive message and motivational quote. she's worked with veve glamour swimwear, jetpilot, divine tanning, running bare, price attack and lorna jane to name a few, and her current goal is to become the national face of DIVA along with her bestfriend emily.
  all you have to do to help elle and emily win is to LIKE the DIVA page here

then click this link

select elle and emily's photo and LIKE! 

This is what emily has to say about the pair:
"We are both healthy, fit, extremely positive best friends who both lift each other up, support & motivate each other to go out & be ANYTHING we want to be – Whether it is to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel (Ellie's ultimate dream) or Covergirl for fitness magazine OXYGEN (one my dreams). We are there for each other no matter where we are in the world & that’s what truly makes our friendship so special.. and we both LOVE feeling glamorous in our Diva jewellery!"

the girls need as many votes as they can before entries close 14 february so let's get behind them and help them win!!

      Rose xx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Date Night

jordan and i instigated a regular date night in our schedules when we found we weren't spending much 'fun' time together when we started living together. we're supposed to alternate planning a date each tuesday after work which has been hapening for the past year but sometime we just decided together to go for dinner or out to a movie, anything as long as we're spending time together doing something we enjoy!!

this past tuesday jordan decided that he was going to plan something different since we've had a hectic few weeks. he let me know to meet him at one of the book stores in the city and we both had the challenge of picking out a book for each other, it was difficult but heaps of fun trying to decide what he'd like! after buying each others books we went to Vapiano which is our FAV place in the city to get a quick diner. jordan ordered his normal salad and i had delicious ravioli, best dinner ever! it was so nice to just take the night out to relax and enjoy each others company.

something that made me smile this week: while i was waiting to meet jordan, i saw the most fabulous man dressed entirely in pink... he had light pink pants, shirt, hat, backpack, sneakers and even had his beard dyed BRIGHT pink! as he walked past me, he gave me a big smile, it was wonderful.

i promise to be a better blogger and take more photos when i'm out an about, even if it's just with my iPhone!

      Rose xx

First Post, EVER!!

hi there, welcome to my blog

i'm very excited to be starting this, it's something i've thought about for a few months now and i'm finally giving it a kick-start.
be prepared to see posts about my upcoming july wedding to the mister, our adventures together, things i'm currently lusting after and lots of random ramblings!!

jordan and i
      Rose xx


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